Robotics Seminar

  • Posted on: 11 September 2017
  • By: Cailen Robertson

In robot related news, a visiting professor is giving a seminar on the topic of designing control systems for robots that is open for everyone to attend. Professor Cezary Zielinski of Warsaw University of Technology will be giving his talk entitled "A Systemmatic Method of Designing Robot Control Systems". This talk was given at Nathan Campus last week, but was so popular it has been repeated for us on the Gold Coast.

If you've ever wondered about the steps and processes you have to think about and go through to build a complex task completing robot, or just want to listen to anything related to robots, this is an excellent talk to go to and learn from from the experts. 

The time and location is: 12th September, 10am at G39_1.14. 

Look forward to seeing you there!





Robotics is an interdisciplinary branch of engineering and science that includes mechanical engineering,electrical engineering,computer science and others.Robotics deals with the design,construction,opereation and use of robots as well as computer system for their control,sensory feed backs,information processing.These technologies are used to devolep machines that can substitute for humans and replicate human actions.It is broad catogory and consist of a wide range of applications.Present day robotics is an important field and it is always good to learn more about it.

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