About Us

Our Mission

Make. Learn. Share.

We encourage our members to tinker and make, learn by pushing their boundaries and then share the knowledge they have gained.


Formally the Griffith University Robotics Lab, Griffith Innovate is a new club that enables the lab to widen its interests and scope while still retaining the skills, knowledge and technologies. Griffith Innovate came from an idea at the post-project meeting for the Droid Racer Challenge with members of the Robotics Lab: what could we achieve if we applied our diverse skill sets? With members specialised in data science, A.I., software engineering, computer science and mechatronic engineering, we identified a large number of projects we were interested in. Furthermore, with our achievements and work for in these challenges, open day presentations and class tutorials, a number of undergrad students were keen to contribute but didn't know how. Griffith Innovate aims to provide workshops and online tutorials as stepping stones and gate ways into contributing to the larger projects. All projects within Griffith Innovate are owned and managed by the project lead and contributing members. What does this mean? Griffith Innovate owns no stake in your projects but will provide you with the support and network to get your idea off the ground. If you have an idea that you want to work on, bring it up at one of our meetups and become a project leader!

Contact Us

If you would like to get hold of us, contact one of the organisers below.

Cailen Robertson: cailen.robertson@griffith.edu.au

Ryoma Ohira: r.ohira@griffith.edu.au