1. General

1.1 Griffith University Student Guild shall hereafter be referred to as GUSG

2 Name

2.1 The name of the Club (herafter referred to as "the Club") shall be: Griffith Universit Innovate.

3. Club Aims and Objectives

3.1 The Club aims to promote extra-curricular applications of the knowledge gained through the curriculum provided by Griffith University School of Engineering, Griffith University School of Information Communication Technology and other schools.
3.2 The Club is aimed at providing members with extra curricular activities aimed at improving experience and gaining knowledge by providing directed activities, regular meeting spaces and meeting times for workshops and events. These workshops and events will be conducted with the following objectives:
3.2.1 Create: Producing tangible outcomes through applying content learned in curricular courses.
3.2.2 Challenge: Encouraging personal growth by challenging members' knowledge and abilities through workshops and projects. 
3.2.3 Learn: Creating a repository of knowledge where each member is able access the knowledge and lessons learned by each previous member. 

4. Statement of Not for Profit Status

4.1 The assests and income of the Club shall be applied solely in furtherance of its above-mentioned objectives and no portion shall be distributed directly or indreictly to the members of the association except as bona fide compensation for services renderd or expenses incurredon behalf of the Club.

5. Membership

5.1 Full Membership shall be open to all currently enrolled Griffith University students.
5.2 Associate Membership shall be open to Alumni, staff and other non-Griffith University students but those members must not hold Executive Committee Positions.
5.3 Honorary Membership shall be open to Alumni, staff and other non-Griffith university persons but those members must not hold Executive Committee Positions. Honorary Members shall have attendance rights of all Club Meetings but no voting rights. 
5.4 Life Membership is an honorary position, nominated and voted on by the Full Club Membership. Life Members shall have attendance rights of all Club Meetings but no voting rights. 
5.5 The Club may set an annual membership fee to be determined at a quorate Club General Meeting and reviewd and changed by motion and vote not more than once per calendar year.
5.6 Any membership fee for Griffith University Student members must be at least 25% less than Associate Member fees. Honorary Members and Life Members are exempt from membership fees.

6. Executive Committee

6.1 The Club shall be governed by a Club Executive Committtee of Office Bearers, hearafter referred to as the Club Executive; that shall be elected at the Annual General Meeting.
6.2 The Club Executive shall consist of a minimum of four (4) Office Bearers; fulfilling the traditional duties of President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer
6.2.1 The Club may change the title of the four office bearer positions at an AGM or SGM, so long as they continue to fulfill the traditional duties of the roles of president, vice president, treasurer and/or secretary.
6.4 Additional portfolio committee members may make up the Club Executive as deemed required by the Full Club Membership, and voted on at an AGM but shall not have signartory control of the Club financial accounts.
6.5 In the event of a single casual vacancy within the Executive, the remaining executives may appoint a club member to fulfill the position for the remainder of the term.
6.6 In event of two or more executive resignations, it is the responsibility of the remaining executives to call a full general meeting to replace and fill the vacancies within the club executive, at the soonest possible convenience. 

7 Powers of the Club Executive

7.1 The Club Executive shall have day to day general control over the finances and activities of the Club in accordance with the Club Aims, Club Annual Acitivity Plan, all formal decisions of the Club and Club legal requirements.
7.2 The Club Executive is at all times bound by the decisions of a General (Full) Club Meeting including Special General Meetings and Annual General Meetings.
7.3 Any Club Executive decision may be overturned by a Full Club General Meeting

8 Duties of the Club Executive shall include

8.1 To coordinate the Club's annual re-affiliation to Griffith Univeristy
8.2 To ensure the Club's activities are in line with the Club's stated aims and annual activity plan or that the Club formally alters its aims or activity plan by formal vote at a full club meeting.
8.3 To ensure the Club operates according to its constitution, in an otherwise legal and responsible manner; and to seek support from legal advice should the Club e unsure about these responsibilities.
8.4 To act as representaives of the Club within Griffith University and the broarder community
8.5 To organise, promote and run Club meetings (full club meeting and executive committee meetings)
8.6 To prepare and distrubte Club meeting agendas and other meeting documents in a timely manner
8.7 To take and distribute accurate minutes of Club meetings.
8.8 To report regularly to the Club including presenting formal reports to the club Annual General Meeting
8.9 To coordinate the preparation and approval of the Club Annual Activity Plan and budgets for individual Club activities and events.
8.10 To appoint a person to act as Returning Officer  (RO) for the club's executive elections and to ensure the RO has the practical resources needed to run the elections in an organised and fair manner.
8.11 To ensure Club planning and budgeting is carried out in accordance with the wishes of its members and all legal requirements. 
8.12 To maintain accurate accounts and records of all Club financial transactions, including up-to-date records of all Club income and spending.
8.13 To present a written annual statement of the Clubs’ accounts to the Club Annual General Meeting
8.14 To make all approved Club payments and send out invoices promptly
8.15 To maintain Club membership records, organise membership drive efforts and membership administrative requirements
8.16 To ensure Club events and activities are legal, and carried out safely and with due risk management
8.17 To ensure all club records and assets are handed over to the following years elected Club Executive and to support the incoming Club Executive to successfully take over the coordination of the club.

9. Annual General Meeting (AGM)

9.1 There shall be one Annual General Meeting every affiliation year, which shall be held during the Griffith University academic period
9.2 The Agenda of the AGM must include:
9.2.1 The presentation of written reports by the members of the Club Executive;
9.2.2 The presentation of the Clubs’ annual affiliation period financial report;
9.2.3 Ratification of the Club’s Constitution and/or changes made to it;
9.2.4 The election of the following affiliation year Club Executive;
9.2.5 Approval of the Club Annual Activity Plan for the following affiliation period;
9.2.6 Other business and other motions as moved.

10. Other meetings

10.1 A General Meeting is defined as any meeting other than an Annual General or Special General or Club Executive Meeting.
10.2 The Club shall have at least five (5) General Meetings throughout the affiliation year in addition to the AGM.
10.3 If ten, or one third of the membership, whichever is smaller, should petition the Club Executive for a Full Club General Meeting, such a meeting must be held within fifteen academic days, at a date set by the Club Executive.
10.4 A Special General Meeting is defined as separate from a General, Annual General or Club Executive Meeting, and shall be requested in writing to the Club Executive, to address a set item of importance to Club Business, by a minimum of 10 members or 1/3 of membership, whichever is smallest.

11. Quorum

11.1 Quorum is the minimum number of members that must attend a Club meeting for decisions made at that meeting to be considered valid club decisions
11.2 At an Annual, Special or General Meeting, Quorum shall be a minimum of 10 members of which at least 75% attending must be Full members or 1/3 of the Membership of which 75% attending must be Full members, whichever is smallest.
11.3 At a Club Executive Committee Meeting, Quorum shall be ½ the elected Club Executive Members plus one to the nearest whole number.

12. Notice of Meetings

12.1 The Executive Committee shall be required to give at least five academic days’ notice to all Club members of a General Meeting and ten academic days’ notice for Special General and Annual General Meeting. Such notice must, as a minimum, be email notification.

13. Voting

13.1 Voting at all Club meetings shall be democratic, with a simple majority required for the passage of a motion.
13.2 All tied motions are lost
13.2.1 No proxy voting shall be permitted
13.3 Constitutional changes require a simple majority of members voting at a Special General Meeting or Annual General Meeting, and take effect from the end of Approved by RUSU SUC 23rd Oct 2014 7 the meeting.
13.4 Constitutional motions must be presented in writing to the Executive Committee at least ten academic days before the meeting, and notice of these shall be given to the Membership.
13.5 Constitutional changes must be approved by the RUSU Clubs and Societies Department before they are presented to a Club General Meeting.

14. Dismissal or Expulsion from the Club

14.1 The process for dismissing an Executive Committee Member can begin with a motion of the committee, or a petition bearing the names of at least ten members of the Club of whom 75% must be Full Members. At the next Special General Meeting or Annual General Meeting, a motion shall be put to dismiss the Committee Member, provided that at least ten academic days’ notice has been given to the Membership and to the Member concerned in writing. If this is passed by a two thirds majority, that Executive Committee position will become vacant and a new election held immediately. The Executive Committee Member to be impeached will be given at least seven minutes to speak before the vote is taken.
14.2 The process to expel a General Club Member can begin with a motion of the Club Executive or a petition with the names of at least ten Full Club Members. The procedure is the same as for the impeachment except that the result is the voiding of the person’s membership. No Member may be expelled on the ground of race, sex, religion, sexual orientation or political views.

15. Finance

15.1 Records of all Club income and expenditure (including all receipts) shall be kept by the elected Club Treasurer and transferred to the care of the incoming Treasurer at the end of the current Treasurer’s period of office. This transfer shall include the club cheque book
15.2 The Club shall maintain Club financial records for a period of five (5) years 
15.3 All Club funds shall be lodged in a bank account nominated by the Clubs and Societies Officer of the GUSG
15.4 A GUSG C&S Staff member shall be the Chief Officer of the club account  
15.5 Club funds and assets shall only be used for the purpose of achieving the clubs stated aims in accordance with the Clubs’ approved annual activity plan and relevant GUSG Regulations and Policy
15.6 The Club shall bear all responsibility for identifying and meeting the Clubs’ Taxation liabilities

16. Dissolution Clause

16.1 In the event of the Club being dissolved, any and all Club assets that remain after such dissolution and the satisfaction of all debts and liabilities shall be transferred to GUSG
16.2 The Club shall be deemed dissolved if:
16.2.1 The Club formally dissolves by majority vote at an Annual General or Special General Meeting and provides GUSGwith a copy of the minutes of that Meeting or;
16.2.2 The Club fails to re-affiliate with GUSG for a period of not less than 2 affiliation periods (2 years)

17. Responsibility/Disclaimer

17.1 GUSG accepts no responsibility for actions or decisions taken by a Club or its’ Executive Committee; the Club Executive shall be deemed responsible for all decisions made for or on behalf of the Club
17.2 GUSG accepts no responsibility for any financial debts or other liabilities incurred by the Club